Windows Photo Viewer not enough memory? What's the Best Free Photo Viewer to Switch To?

There are many free photo viewers available for Windows 10. Some are better than others, but the best ones have one thing in common: they are capable of displaying more photos at once.

The best free photo viewer to switch to is Picasa. It offers a lot of features and has a user-friendly interface that makes it a good choice for casual users. The other top choices include Google Photos and Windows Photo Viewer.

What is a Windows Photo Viewer?

A Windows Photo Viewer is an application that allows you to view digital photos on your computer. It has been around since the introduction of computers and it has evolved a lot since then. While it can function as an application, you can also enjoy its features as a plug-in for your browser.

The photo viewer currently comes in two types: One that’s integrated in the operating system (Windows 10, 8, 7) and one that’s not. Which do you choose? Well, if you have older versions of Windows or if your computer is slow or struggling with problems like freezing up or crashing often then the non-integrated option might be better because it loads faster and doesn’t use as much resources.

Why Is Windows Photo Viewer Too Slow and How Can I Fix it?

Windows Photo Viewer is a core application for Windows that's been around for a long time. But it's often too sluggish and slow to use. This problem can be fixed by using a different photo viewer.

Windows Photo Viewer gives you the option of choosing between two image viewers - Windows Photo Viewer or XnViewMP. In most cases, I recommend going with XnViewMP because it has lighter resource usage and is more responsive in my experience.

Free Alternatives to Windows Photos App with Powerful Features!

Windows is a popular operating system and the Windows Photo App is one of the most used apps by people. However, there are many alternatives to this app, which offer you more features and a better user experience.

Photo Management Apps:

-Lumie Photo: With Lumie Photo app, you get to manage all your photos with ease. You can organize them by tags, create smart albums and share with your friends on social networks.

-VSCO: VSCO offers professional editing tools that help you edit and enhance your photos to look better than ever before. It also allows you to create beautiful photo filters and workspaces that are customized specifically for you.

-When you have time to reflect on life, it’s good practice to archive the memories. Google Photos is a free app that helps you do just that.

Alternatives to Microsoft Photos App on Android Devices

Samsung has made a quick move to bring the Samsung Photos app on Android devices. Microsoft Photos app is one of the most widely used photo management app for Windows 10 and Microsoft Lumia devices.

Microsoft Photos app is available for free on Microsoft Store, but it's not available for Android devices. Fortunately, there are other alternatives to Microsoft Photos App such as Google Photos, Samsung Photos, and many more.